Skelin Winery

Skelin Winery is producing its top-quality and superior-quality wine labels from the vineyards cultivated on the brim of the National Park Krka. The generous amount of sun, poor soil, and heat are the signature features of the Miljevci region, resulting in the perfect combination and production of top-quality wines. Skelin Winery is proud to present several labels of their winery, the result of the attentive cultivation, selection, courage, and maturing process.
Wine Val Skelin


white wine, Debit ugni-Blanc

Val is a fluttery straw-colored white wine, of middle body and intensity. It tastes like flowers and herbs to the nose, with the middle body and some fruit-like taste in the tone. In the mouth, it is lively and fruity, with a certain mineral undertone, that stresses the flutterness, with a long presence and a pleasant acid palate.

Wine Versi Skelin


RED Wine

Versi is a top-quality dry red wine, a coupage of plavina and lasina authonous sorts. It is quite elegant and juicy, bordering on freshness. It brings cherry and plum aromas, entwined with spices and herbal tones. It tastes fruity, elegant, and is quite pleasant to the palate.

Wine Pošip Skelin


White Wine

Pošip is top-quality dry white wine, with a deep green-yellow color. It contains mature fruity aromas of peach, apricot, and apple. This wine has an intense taste encircled with moderate acids. The Skelin Winery highlights this label as one of its best, and it was also recognized as such at the wine exhibitions in the Šibensko-kninska county. 

Wine Merlot Skelin


RED Wine

Merlot is a superior red wine, with a deep, ruby-red color. It has an intensive red cherry and dry plum aroma with hints of spices. It has a full, good-balanced taste, and at the same time, it is luxurious, full of pleasant tannins and live, spiking acids in its body.

Wine Maraština Skelin


White Wine

Maraština is a top-quality dry white wine made from the autochthonous Dalmatian sort. This wine is a bit more complex and full of depth and taste. It is full of attractive aromas, with a bit of freshness, full of stone fruit tastes, and a dry herbal leaning to the sweetness.

Wine Syrah Skelin


RED wine

Syrah is top-quality dry red wine, made of dark tanned grape sort; plum-colored with a full body and a rich taste.  This rich red wine is a result of soil features, and it leaves the full taste and good tannins in the mouth.

Oral traditions of secrets of the craft of Skelin Winery

Although the family vineyard Livada where the Skelin wine story started, is situated in walking proximity of the wine resort, the primary source of grapes for all Skelin’s wines is spread over 23 ha in the rear of the village Drinovci. It houses more than 130 000 grape vines, that provide the precious juice, whether for the domestic, more autonomous sorts like maraština, debit, plavina, and lasina, or to the newly planted sorts like Shiraz Alicante, Posip, and Yelow Moscato. The ideal climate helps the grapes to achieve their maturity and full wine potential, where you can taste traditional red and white wines, full of mighty, deep colors, and bold fruitful tastes, offering you whiffs of divine character and superior quality.

If you expect something in the line of the traditional Dalmatian dark, musky cellar called „konoba“, you might be disappointed. The Skelin Winery is a modern, advanced technology-equipped winery, where the tradition and family secrets of making wine are joined with up-to-date knowledge on coupage, picking, harvesting, testing, and maturing in controlled conditions. These practices bring the specially created taste of the labels that Skelin Winery is proud of.

A combination of Tradition and Modern Wine-making methods

Skelin Winery aims to top quality as a new step in the development of the family winery and to secure a prominent position on the Croatian wine map for the wine resort. They are investing a lot of care, love, and attention to the labels that they want to present themselves. Attending the numerous wine events of Miljevci and the Šibensko-kninska county, the winery presents its labels to the local community, where its quality is rewarded with numerous plaquettes hanging on the walls. Although this part of Dalmatia is well-known for its white wine labels, Skelin Winery especially brings a new fresh approach, with the top quality red wine labels. However, if you are a fan of white wines, Skelin Winery offers a wide range of autochthonous white wines, not just in their restaurant, but they also supply numerous restaurants on the nearby coast. Some of the bottles could be found also in specialized wine shops.

Wine labels ready for tasting and blending with cousine

The special pride of the Skelin Winery is a new label “Syrah”, made the Syrah sort grapevine, high-quality red wine, with a deep rich taste, then “Versi”, a coupage of plavina and lasina, “Pošip”, top-quality white wine and traditional white wine “Maraština”, made from autochthonous dalmatian sort, with deeper taste,  the jewel  “Merlot” – ruby red dry wine of premium quality, and “Val” (sort Debit – ugni Blanc). 

Vina Vinarije Skelin / Wines of Winery Skelin




Silver medal – Merlot 2022.


11. susret vinara Šibensko-kninske županije

1. place – Red open wines



Gold medal – Merlot Barrique 2015.
Gold medal – Gaj Barrique 2012.


Award 9,0


Award of Excellance  9,1


Vinkovo, Stankovci

Silver medal – Muškat
Silver medal – Merlot


Poslovni dnevnik

The Best rural economy – Final


Slobodna Dalmacija

A little bit of a big success – participation in the selection for the most successful project


Sabatina 2013

Bronze medal


Vinkovo, Stankovci

Bronze medal – Cabernet 2012.
Silver medal – Pošip 2012.”


8. susret vinara Šibensko-kninske županije 

“Silver plaque in the category White open wines
1. place in the category White open wines – Pošip
1. place in the red bottled wine category – Cabernet Sauvignon”


Pučko otvoreno učilište Drniš

2. place in the category of young white wines



Golden plaque in the open red wine category – Cabernet Sauvignon
1. place in the open red wine category – Cabernet Sauvignon
3. place in the open red wine category – Merlot


Turistička zajednica Šibensko-kninske županije

Green Flower 2012.

Restaurant Amfora

Gastro Delicacies which are told about far and wide. Start your gourmet expedition with a local tradition to clean your palate with the nip of one of the domestically made brandies „rakije“, which varies from traditional “travarica” or “loza” to „višnjevača“ (cherry), “rogačica” (carob), “orahovica” (walnut) and „šipkovača“ (rose hip). There is a hidden gem in the offer, so asking for the “special brandy from wine” is recommended, because “Merlotino” will be brought to you only on a special request.

The dishes under the bell („jela ispod peke“) are perfectly combined with the Skelin Winery labels such as „Starac“, „Garac“ and „Vris“ (white wine). The covered terrace will offer a perfect, cool shade while you taste the fish and octopus provided on the menu since the village of Drinovci is so close to the coast. Tasteful bites garnered with the home labels will satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding eaters.  

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