Business events

This peaceful oasis, far from the city noise, is a place made for a break from everyday life. Because of the untouched nature and vineyards which surround this beautiful estate, Wine Resort Skelin is the right place if you are looking for a location that will simply delight your guests.

A place for business gatherings and events

It is nothing new that every partnership starts with a good business dinner, so we took care of that as well. At Wine Resort Skelin, you can feel the aromas of homemade specialties of autochthonous Dalmatian cuisine that come from the family restaurant Amfora. We will make sure that your guests start the conference or seminar with a full stomach and with a smile on their faces.

Organize any type of business event, from business conferences, product launches, seminars, and education to business receptions and team building. Impress employees, business partners, or associates with a completely new environment. We’ll be happy to host gatherings of numerous associations, societies, and congregations, as well as a donation or humanitarian evening. 

During the events, you can relax with premium Skelin wines  in combination with every dish. 

Team building

Enjoy the company of your employees.

The heart of every company are employees, so it is important to take care of their happiness at work, the working atmosphere, and their mutual relations.

Is there a better way to combine these three elements for the success of your business than team building?

It’s a priceless feeling to stay in an oasis of peace, embraces by vineyards and olive groves, which provides a unique and unforgettable experience of the Dalmatian Zagora.



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Why is team building at Wine Resort Skelin always a good idea?

Team building at Wine Resort Skelin is an excellent idea for companies that want to strengthen team dynamics and improve employee morale. Beautiful, natural ambiance, a range of activities, and opportunities for cooperation and skill development make it a perfect location for team building.

Let’s escape from the office: Team building is a refreshing change of pace from the usual office environment. Being surrounded by nature can help employees disconnect from work-related stress and create a more relaxed atmosphere for team-building activities.

Improving collaboration skills: In team-building activities, employees work together on non-work-related tasks, encouraging collaboration and improving communication skills. The result is better teamwork and more productive working relationships in the office.

Development of new skills: Wine Resort Skelin offers a variety of outdoor activities like walking and hiking in the karst landscape, cycling, bocce ball, or adrenaline zip-line. These activities can encourage employees to step out of their comfort zone and develop new skills, which can increase their confidence and improve their problem-solving abilities. 

Boosting morale: Taking some time off from work to participate in team-building activities improve employee morale and fosters a friendly feeling. This can help increase job satisfaction and reduce turnover rates.

The attractive ambiance of traditional family Wine Resort Skelin will provide you with everything you need for team building that will make employees ask you “When are we going to do it again?”.

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