Wine Resort Skelin

Wine resort Skelin – a unique oasis on the outer brim of National Park Krka. Wine resort Skelin is situated in the village Drinovci, just out and about Šibenik, on the Miljevci strait land, in a harsh but beautiful landscape. 

Grape vines were planted in its vineyards a long time ago. The first vines were set in this hard, stone-filled red soil with calloused hands, carefully tended for, not just watered, but filled with all the care and love of the Skelin family ancestors.

Five generations of Wine Growers. In these gone times, imagine Joso Skelin, one of the Skelin family ancestors, nicknamed „Garac“ (probably because he was tanned by the sun), looking around the vines of the first family vineyard, „Livada“. That vineyard is situated on the plain near the village where rivers Čikola and Krka are joining, hand in hand. In the summer, water for the vineyard was brought on his back, in the winter he cleaned the grass and little pebbles.

He planted the olive tree so that he could take a break during the summer. He has done all that he could so that the little piece of red, hard soil could bring its long-awaited and cared-for fruits, grapes. It had to pass years until the first grapes were visible and full of juices, full of the first drops of precious family wine. Stingy and hard land had to be worked by generations, so that only the fifth generation could develop the winery with high and superior quality wines, under the name of SKELIN.

All family knowledge and word of mouth were weaved in, and all were dedicated to the creation of great wines, for you to experience.

Create an Experience to Remember

Harsh but Ethereal beauty of Miljevci Strait Land. There is no better name for this little piece of heaven in Dalmatian Zagora than the wine resort, counting all the additional amenities, such as swimming in the pools, long walks in nature, driving off-road with quads, visiting the National Park Krka, river island Visovac, or falls of the Roški Slap and charming falls of Krčić. Its beauty is calling on you with its primal glory.

It is a local tradition to clean your palate and award your palate with homemade dried ham „pršut“, made according to the famous Miljevci procedure.

It modestly approaches you with red soil and stone, so that it could explode in a myriad of tastes, fragrances, and colors.

Mesne delicije Skelin

Restoran Amfora

Awaiting the down, while seating on the windowsill in the stone house, is a special experience. Sun is rising just above the hill, slowly gliding towards you, the sunbeams gently touching the grapes in the nearby vineyards.

Shortly after, the air brings the whiffs and aromas of homemade dishes, prepared on family recipes and domestic cuisine, teasing your palate, promising a feast for all senses.

The family Skelin works in the restaurant, carefully listening and catering to all the wishes of their guests. It is their motto that only in that way they can sense and hear the wishes of their guests, known and unknown ones.

They are attending to you like you are a member of the family so you would wish to come back for another wine and dine experience.

Pansion Skelin

There has been created this peaceful oasis in the stone houses, enclosed by the nature and vines of the oldest family vineyard, waiting for you with a warm welcome and providing you with a pleasant stay.

Wine, the nectar made by gods, is just a few steps away in the family winery, situated in the Livada vineyard. There you can touch the leaves, find, and rub the grapes on your fingers, squeeze and taste the grape juice, and drink a glass full of aromas that are exploding in your mouth.

The sound of silence is deafening after the city noise and brings peace to your heart. Sounds of village life are calling some bygone and slower times when the crowing of the roaster brought you into the new day when life was simple and full of different, forgotten priorities.

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Close your eyes. As one famous Croatian poem says, crickets are chirping their hypnotic song. As day turns to dusk, the hot sun slowly glides down to rest. There is a cold, slightly frosted glass of golden liquid in your hand. Finishing the day with a glass of chilly white pošip wine is such a pleasure.

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